Integrative Medicine

Growing exponentially, integrative medicine is quickly becoming an extremely popular specialty among patients because it combines the best practices of conventional medicine with a number of proven effective complementary and alternative therapies. Furthermore, this specialty places a tremendous emphasis on the relationship between physician and patient, focusing on the health of the whole person. By taking this holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, Rejuvenetix can help our patients achieve optimal health and healing. Integrative medicine is more about becoming a partner in healing, rather than just dispensing medication or recommending tests. With this approach, the patient becomes a partner in the healing process, learning to make lifestyle changes that will impact their future. While an evidence-based practice would look only at studies and drugs that have helped others, an integrative medicine approach takes into consideration other aspects, such as the patient’s genetics, past experiences with healing therapies and lifestyle. In the end, remember that the goal of integrative medicine is not to help you treat your symptoms, but to address the true cause behind those symptoms. By combining a number of therapies, you will not only see results faster, but you will also find more lasting results.


Conceirge Care

You deserve and expect the best. When it comes to your health and well-being, you want an excellent team of physicians that provide the absolute best options in healthcare possible. The Las Vegas concierge physicians of the Rejuvenetix Las Vegas team have made it their goal to deliver this extremely outstanding care to each patient we treat.


Pain Management

Rejuvenetix Las Vegas Nevada is committed to treating patients suffering from pain restoring them to their previous level of functionality. Our physicians are trained to use state of the art treatments for pain including medications, pain-relieving procedures, rehabilitation physical medicine & opiate detox therapies.


Funtional Medicine

We are in the midst of an epidemic of chronic diseases & autoimmune diseases. Physicians & patients must address the dysfunction that arises from genetic susceptibility, environmental toxins & unhealthy lifestyles. Our goal is to return you to your best & healthiest life using a wellness based preventative medicine model that works for you .


Sleep plays a vital role in health & well-being

Poor quality of sleep has some major short & long-term impacts including a higher rate of heart disease & even death. Let us help you to feel better with our well sleep well program.

Recent technological advances in high-throughput genotyping, RNA expression & massively parallel sequencing have accelerated interrogation of genetic variation for the purpose of understanding human disease and drug response.  At Rejuvenetix, we utilize the current state of disease susceptibility & pharmacogenetics efforts for risk prediction and to introduce applicable methods used to construct and evaluate genetic-based predictive and preventative lifestyle models.

What does your genetic blueprint tell?

Rejuvenetix Las Vegas is excited to announce a breakthrough in pharma-cogenetics. Imagine knowing the future of your health & the road map to your wellness goals. Learn how today.


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